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What is Cradle Care?

At Cradle Care, we understand new parents' stress and fatigue. Our postnatal care service is designed to give parents the support they need to ease into parenthood with confidence and comfort. From cooking nutritious meals and keeping your home clean to offering emotional support and practical parenting tips, we ensure that you can focus on bonding with your newborn without the added stress. Feel rested, supported, and ready to embrace parenthood with Cradle Care. Click the "contact" button now to learn more about how we can help you in this new chapter of your life.

Click to open package

Click to open package

How it works

Whenever you feel ready to discuss the care you are after, please contact us by give us a call or send us a message.

If you would like some more information about what kind of packages there are available please click here

If you'd like to learn more about the pricing and how it all works, please click here, and we'll guide you with care and transparency.

At Cradle Care all our team members are fully vaccinated including whooping cough and yearly flue vaccinations. We are all First Aid trained and have a current working with children check.  We all have our own specialities: Mental Health, Midwifery, Nursing, Postnatal Doula and Confinement nanny. Additionally we have (breast)feeding specialists and sleep training experts available on call.

What you might want to know
Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us
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Thank you for your message. Cradle Care will get back to you as soon as we can.

What other parents say

I can only describe Anna as an absolute angel who appeared to help us with our second child. Having moved country at 36 weeks pregnant, when our little one arrived we felt unprepared and displaced. Anna came to help at short notice and was a wonderful sensible, competent, caring, and calming influence. She is highly skilled with small babies and extremely capable in helping with household duties too. Anna really just wanted to help make our lives a bit easier and would seek out ways to help, be that relief relating to childcare of our newborn or 3 year old, cooking, cleaning, or a sounding board and sanity for new mums.

Anita, Newmarket


  • How do I customise my care package?
    During our first contact we will talk about what needs and support you are after. With a minimum of four hours a day we can talk about how many days a week you are looking for support. This could be from two to seven days a week. What ever suits your family best. Click here to find out more about our packages:
  • What type of Postnatal support do you offer?
    Our service will be adjusted to your needs. Our service could range from newborn advice, household tasks, meal prep, cooking, support with siblings, breastfeeding support and emotional support. Click here to see some example packages:
  • How soon after giving birth can I start receiving services?
    We usually arrive one day after you come home from the hospital. When you are giving birth at home we will come the next day.
  • How do I book a consultation or interview?
    There are different ways to contact us. You can either text or email us from the website, you can call us, or complete a contact form in our contact list. We will discuss your needs and depending on your due date we usually come to your house for an interview around 30 weeks pregnancy.
  • What qualifications do caregivers have?
    We have a range of different experiences with our caregivers. Some are experienced postnatal carers, others are midwives, nurses, postnatal Doulas or nannies.
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